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Standard entry: £149 +VAT per submission

This price is applicable until entry closes on Tuesday 12 September 2017. Price is calculated per entry.

NGOs and charity organisations

Entry for NGOs and Charity organisations is free of charge. The entry discount for charities applies to those charities and NGOs working purely in the ethical, environmental or sustainable space where all proceeds are diverted back into activities that further the ethical, social or environmental agenda. Commercial organisations with a charitable arm or charitable status do not qualify.The free entry is limited to one category (subsequent entries using the same discount code will be disregarded) and cannot be submitted by a third party, agency or consultant in the employ of said charity. Only direct submissions are eligible. If you have any questions please contact carla.staden@fav-house.com to confirm the entry process. 

Before submitting your entry please read the full terms and conditions. Please note that by submitting an entry to the awards you agree to your organisation being represented at the awards ceremony, if you are shortlisted, on Wednesday 24 January 2018. Please note that additional charges apply to attend the awards.

Carbon Management


Recognising the best examples of effective carbon management, including emissions reduction, foot printing and labelling, use of software, target setting, carbon management integration, metering and controls, etc.

£ 149.00

Consultancy of the Year


This award recognises the work that consultancies are doing to improve the environmental, energy and sustainability credentials of their clients.

£ 149.00

CSR, Charity & Community Initiative


From charitable initiatives to community engagement and development, this award recognises the very best in socially-responsible business initiatives and those organisations embedding ethics and CSR at the very heart of what they do.

£ 149.00

Employee Engagement & Behaviour Change


Recognising the best examples of employee engagement and behaviour change. Those organisations bringing their staff on the sustainability journey and those that are supporting them to drive it forward.

£ 149.00

Energy Institute Energy Manager of the Year


From implementing efficiency strategies and specifying technology to engaging employees and other stakeholders to effect change, this award recognises outstanding individual performance in energy management.

£ 149.00
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Energy Management


Recognising the best examples of energy efficiency in action, including energy reduction strategies,energy foot printing, target setting and reporting, use of on-site renewables, sourcing green energy,metering and controls, retrofit activity, etc.

£ 149.00

Sustainable Building of the Year


From design to materials use, systems to software, this award recognising the best examples of sustainability in building across construction, development, refurbishment and retrofit.

£ 149.00

Sustainable Business of the Year


Recognising the business or organisation that has taken its environmental, social and financial performance to the next level – managing and mitigating its impact while using the sustainability agenda to gain the competitive edge. The judges will examine the company’s corporate strategy and look at performance within a number of strands, including waste, transport, energy, carbon emissions, buildings, pollution control and stakeholder engagement.

£ 149.00

Sustainability Leader (Person)


Recognising those board-level strategists who are leading from the front within their organisation and beyond, formulating sustainability strategies, initiating change and ensuring the highest level of engagement in order to succeed.

£ 149.00

Sustainability/CSR Manager of the Year


Recognising the work of a corporate responsibility and sustainability professional who employs a range of competences to drive forward the CR and sustainability agenda by securing tangible improvements in ethical, social and environmental performance.

£ 149.00

Sustainability Reporting


Recognising the best example of sustainability reporting, with special attention paid to the scope of the report, materiality issues, design and communications, interactivity, stakeholder engagement,level of disclosure, assurance credibility, transparency, etc.

£ 149.00

Sustainability Product Innovation


Recognising excellence in both sustainability products and sustainably-designed products, as well as improvements to existing offers and innovative partnerships between suppliers and other stakeholders to provide holistic solutions.

£ 149.00

Sustainable Supply Chains


Recognising those companies that have looked beyond their own operations and engaged with their supply chains to drive down environmental and social impacts. From carbon reduction and waste minimisation, to responsible procurement and ethical initiatives, impacts will have been measured, managed and, where possible, mitigated.

£ 149.00

Waste & Resource Management


Recognising the best examples of effective waste and resources management, including lean manufacturing, remanufacturing, design for life, waste minimisation, closed-loop processes, landfill diversion, recycling/reuse etc.

£ 149.00

Water Management


Recognising the best examples of effective water management, including water efficiency, effluent reduction/handling, risk strategies, collaboration and partnership schemes, foot printing and data management, etc.

£ 149.00